The accommodation for tonight has now largely been sorted.
For those staying at Discovery, check in is at 2pm. Please use the group entry on Anthony St. For those in contingents please collect your keys from the group (luggage) room from your campus reps. Those without campus reps or contingent leaders can pick up their keys from the same place.
Thank you all again for making this situation as easy and painless as possible, we appreciate it so much.

There has been a stuff up with the accommodation and the booking wrongfully ends this morning. We’re working as hard as we can right now to sort it out, and our aim is to make sure that everyone has a place to sleep tonight at no out of pocket expense. Some of us are coming to the hostel now to sort this out, and it looks like people will have to check out to then check back in later.
Please share this information with people who don’t have access to the internet.
We’re on it, we’re going to fix this to the best of our ability and we are so, so sorry that this has happened.

In light of what has happened, it is so important to stay safe, and to look out for others around you. We are in contact with all relevant parties to continue to ensure people’s safety as much as possible, but if people are feeling unsafe at the accommodation tonight we are endeavouring to provide as much emergency accommodation as is possible.
We will update the QC Facebook, twitter and the website with updates as regularly as possible, and if anyone has concerns they can contact us through the social media or the welfare phone.
We regret that this has happened and will take every step possible to minimise damages.

Tonight’s conference floor is now in R1 at 7 30 pm.

This is running instead of the scheduled movie night at the request of conference floor.

Additional Workshops

#YouForgotTheT: Trans Women in Feminism in E457 from 9 30-10 30


Gendered Language Discussion for Trans People and Allies in the Queer Lounge over lunch


Ace/Aro autonomous workshop in E457 from 5 30-6 30


Other Changes

The movie night has been cancelled, and instead there will be an extra session of conference floor, with a date and time to be announced as soon as possible (probably before lunch tomorrow).

Another morning, another lot of last minute workshop changes!

The last session of Practical Self Defense has been moved to the West Cellar Room in the Campus Centre.

Touch-a Touch-a, Touch Me: Sensation Play Skills for Beginners has been moved to Friday 3 30-4 30 in E457 due to illness.

As always, don’t forget to do an Acknowledgement of Country, and if you want to run a workshop get in contact with Greta (the number is on your pass) ASAP as there are very few spaces left.

Additional Workshops


Non-binary Autonomous Workshop

9 30-10 30 H7


PoC Autonomous Workshop

10 – 10 30 and then 11 -12 R1


Staying Safe Online

11-12 S111


Skill Sharing and Networking for Campus Queer Reps

11-12 E457


Queer Edge Discussion

12-1 S109


Gendered Language Discussion for Trans People and Allies

12-1 W215



Ethics in Schools: Alternatives to Faith-based Education

9 30-10 30 S108


Ableism and Disabilities 101

11-12 E457


Combined NSW and ACT State Caucus

11-1 H7


Postgrad Meet and Greet

3 30-4 30 S107


Natural Makeup for Beginners

3 30-4 30 H7


Drag 101

4 30 – 5 30 H7


Queer Pagan Discussion

5 30 – 6 30 S109


Room Changes


Error 404: approaching cisfeminist theory from outside gender experiences

Now in H7


Poly/non-monoamorous Autonomous Workshop

Now in E457


Don’t forget the about the acknowledgement of country at the beginning of every session!

If you still want to run an impromptu workshop or would like more caucus/autonomous workshop time the phone number is on your pass or send an email to
Or just come and find Greta, who you may remember as the one in the red coat who falls over a lot. There are not many slots left, so get in quick!

Additional Workshops
Vegan Share Space Wednesday 3 30-4 30 S108

Ethics in Schools: Alternatives to Faith-based Education Friday 9 30-10 30 S108

Consent Workshop Wednesday 3 30-4 30 S111

Staying Safe Online Thursday 11-12 S111

Gendered Language Discussion for Trans People and Allies Thursday 12-1 W215

Natural Make Up for Beginners Friday 3 30-4 30 H7

Room Changes
Error 404: approaching cisfeminist theory from outside gender experiences
Thursday session moved to E457
Friday session moved to H7

Queer Struggle is Class Struggle

Sorry the update for today is so late! My laptop is borked and I had some struggles ~Greta

Additional Workshops

Combined NSW and ACT State Caucus Friday 11-1 H7


Postgraduate Meet and Greet Friday         3 30-4 30 S07


Extra Non-binary autonomous workshop times Wednesday 3 30-4 30 H7 and Thursday 9 30-10 30 H7


Skill Sharing and Networking for Campus Queer Reps (with Bec, NUS Queer Officer) Thursday 11-12 E457

Workshop Cancellations

Refugee Rights: Why Queers Should Fight Racism

There’s a whiteboard near organiser HQ (which is room S105) which will be updated with the full list of current timetabling changes every morning. .

Additional Workshops

Poly/non-monoamorous Autonomous Workshop Wednesday 4 30-5 E457  and Friday 12-1 W215

Queer Pagan Discussion Friday 5 30-6 30 S109

Queer Edge Discussion Thursday 12-1 S109

Drag 101 Friday 4 30-6 30 H7

Cancelled Workshops

No Cuts! No Way! Queers Fight Education Cuts all the WAY!

CALD/QPoC – Internal Struggles


Hi People,

Unfortunately due to a delay finishing Conference Floor, all events tonight (Intro Caucuses, Grievance Training and Meet & Greet) have moved back exactly one hour from the printed timetable.

The Google calendar has been updated with the new information. View it here.

Hey People,

Just in time for conference to start, we’ve uploaded a digital copy of the reader for all you tech-savvy folk out there.

The link to the latest version will always be in the sidebar over there, but you can view it here.

See you in about 8 hours…

-_- . z Z

Hey People!

It’s getting close to conference now, so more and more details are going up online. Speaking of online information, we’d just like to remind everyone that if you come from a campus that currently uses eduroam for internet access, then you can easily access wi-fi at Monash! If you’re not from an eduroam-enabled campus or aren’t a university student at all, then our Venues department can set you up with internet access for the duration of the conference.

Visit the Monash wireless page for more info:,

Below is a handy list of university campuses in Australia that currently use eduroam,

  • The University of Adelaide
  • Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  • Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)
  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Ballarat
  • Bond University
  • University of Canberra
  • Central Queensland University (CQU)
  • Charles Darwin University (CDU)
  • Charles Sturt University (CSU)
  • Curtin University
  • Deakin University
  • Edith Cowan University (ECU)
  • Flinders University
  • Griffith University
  • James Cook University (JCU)
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • Murdoch University
  • University of New England (UNE)
  • The University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Queensland (UQ)
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • RMIT University
  • University of South Australia
  • Southern Cross University (SCU)
  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
  • University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • The University of Sydney
  • University of Tasmania (UTas)
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Victoria University (VU)
  • University of Western Australia (UWA)
  • University of Western Sydney (UWS)
  • University of Wollongong

See you soon!!

Hey People,

Loads of new information has just been uploaded to the website in time for the conference, sit tight as it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

We’ve got information About Melbourne, our Transport options and the Hostel our delegates will be staying at.

You can read up on our Proposed Standing Orders (or brush up with our Meeting Procedure 101 to bring you up to speed) before conference starts as well as the Safer Spaces Agreement and Participant Agreement which delegates will abide by at the conference. We also have a Grievance Policy to complete our set of conference rules.

More detailed timetable information is now available too, covering the Autonomous Workshops, our Panel of guest speakers, both Autonomous Caucus and State Caucus information and what to do if you want to run Impromptu Sessions.

You’re probably all hungry after all that information, so it’s a good thing we’ve uploaded the Food section which includes the week’s Menu and information on the awesome Monash Permaculture program that is in place at our University.

Oh, while you’re salivating over that delicious sounding food, I’ll leave you with our dessert course… Six jam-packed nights of Social Events! Burlesque, games, Querelle. Such party. Much wow…


Unfortunately Melbourne’s airport is located pretty far out from the CBD. Whilst this is definitely annoying never fear! Hopefully this information will help you out in making an informed decision about transport options to and from our hostel, Discovery Melbourne!


A taxi is definitely the easiest way to and from the accommodation and airport. If you are travelling with 3 or more delegates getting a standard or maxi taxi is the best option and works out often cheaper than other methods. The journey will cost you around $50-70 all together but once you split it is the cheapest option. We recommend this option if it is a possibility for you due to it being so straightforward and quick.


Skybus tickets are $18 one way and $30 return and bookings are not required. It departs every 15 minutes 24/7 and will take you to Southern Cross Station. From Southern Cross Station you can walk to Discovery Melbourne which will take roughly 20 minutes. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Southern Cross Station to Discovery Melbourne which will cost around $10.


Our hostel, Discovery Melbourne offers refunds on this service for guests staying 3 or more nights (bingo that’s us!) This option is best  for the well organised as it must be booked at least the day before hand by calling (03) 8378 8700. You will have to pay $13 per person out of pocket but will be refunded upon check-in if you present your receipt (no receipt, no refund so keep it in your mitts!) This is a good option for small to medium sized contingents or groups of people not super large groups unless you feel like waiting as the bus isn’t that massive. The Starbus operates from 6am-6pm every day and departs from Bus Zone L (out front of the international terminal) every 30 minutes. This service will drop you off at Discovery Melbourne. We cannot make any guarantees about the availability of this service so it will be up to you guys to sort out unfortunately.

Hey People!

The workshop list is now online and ready to be perused relentlessly! Fifty-five beautifully crafted sessions covering all the amazing things that fall into our rainbow (and beyond).

What is really important to know when you have workshops you want to attend? When they’re on, that’s what!

Check out the timetable in its colourful glory (and remember that you can also view the digital and subscriber versions via the sidebar) to see when workshops, events and everything else is on.

So excited and just under a week to go now!!!

Catch you soon!

Hi everyone!

We are drawing closer and closer to conference so I am sure you are all clawing for details. To make sure everyone is on the same page I will fill you all in on what is happening in terms of accommodation for people who have paid full registration.

The accommodation is 6-12th of July inclusive at:

Discovery Melbourne
167 Franklin Street, Melbourne, Vic, 300
(03) 9329 7525

Discovery Melbourne is located in the Melbourne CBD  near Melbourne Central Station.

The hostel has a variety of facilities from its bar, ‘Velvet Underground Bar’, a cafe, internet kiosk & wifi available, kitchen, laundry, cinema, bbq facilities and a rooftop relaxation area.

Check-in isn’t until after 2:00pm which means that you will have to drop your luggage off before registration and return to the hostel later in the day to check-in. Here is the first day schedule to help you people figure out plans:


Morning: Delegates fly in to Melbourne at varied times, make their way to the hostel, Discovery Melbourne and drop off their luggage in the hostel’s storage before heading to registration at RMIT University.

11am-1pm: Registration

1pm-2pm: Lunch

2pm-4pm: Conference Floor

After conference floor delegates who do not belong to/wish to attend caucuses and/or grievance training can head back to Discovery Melbourne and check in to their rooms. Delegates attending caucuses or Grievance Officer training can head back after their commitments have finished.

4pm- 6pm: Caucuses

6pm-7pm: Grievance Officer training

7pm- onwards: Meet & Greet @ Discovery Bar



Queer Collaborations Monash 2014 would like to acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we will gather, the people of the Kulin nations. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and future. Further at Queer Collaborations Monash we recognise queerness within Indigenous Australia.

Queer Collaborations 2014