Asher is one of the General Coordinators trying to keep this ship afloat! He holds a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics and has started an Honours degree in sociolinguistic identity makers in trans men. He was elected as one of the Queer Officers at Monash (Clayton) during both 2010 and 2013, sat on the Queer Affairs Committee during 2009 and has worked in Student Rights since 2012. He enjoys video games as art, technology for human interaction, graphic and visual design, yoga, social media, theatre, queer politics, student rights and human progress. And coffee. Lots of coffee.
Elle is one of our QC General Coordinators as well as handling Accommodation and Public Transport. She is in her third year of Arts, majoring in Art History and is also currently one of the Queer Officers at Monash (Clayton) for 2014. Elle can normally be found flitting between the Queer Lounge, Wholefoods balcony or Sir John’s Bar.
Greta is our resident Workshops and Timetabling wizard. She is in her final semester of Arts, majoring in Sociology and Gender Studies, and wants to write a thesis on Bronies next year. When not being a constant fixture of the queer department and general student politics (and the bar), she likes to make friends with animals, play video games, and read everything.
Tom is the Treasurer and Marketing and Media coordinator this year. He is studying final year Biomedical Science with a major in Immunology and currently spends his time flailing wildly from deadline to deadline. Outside of semester his life involves reading obscure American blogs, drinking low-quality coffee and listening to punk cabaret artists that are not Amanda Palmer.
Alexandra is the Autonomous Caucus, Campus and Querelle Liaison, and helping out with the QC Reader. She is in her fourth year of an Arts/Secondary Education double degree, majoring in History. Beyond American history her obsessions include sport, rum, and cats, in particular her three-legged kitty Loki.
Laura is a Social Media Coordinator and Reader Coordinator for QC 2014. She is in her second year of an Arts/Commerce double degree, majoring in French and Economics. As well as being trilingual (she is also studying a Diploma of Languages in Chinese), Laura enjoys hanging out in the Queer Lounge, spending way too much time on social media sites, and using far too many hashtags.
Sascha is the external presenters and workshops coordinator. She is studying global arts, with a double major in international studies and gender studies. Her hobbies include prioritising queer beer over class, watching her housemates’ cats try to eat bubbles then get confused when they pop, and eating excessive amounts of the vegan lasagne at Wholefoods.
Shannen is the Social Events Coordinator for QC 2014. She is studying Arts/Law and is seeking to major in history or human rights. Her main interests include misandry, hot chips, punk and cider.
Cam was one of the Queer Officers last year and organised the large contingent to QC2013 in Sydney. They helped organise QC2014 on a larger level in its early stages is now the Food and Catering Co-ordinator along with Julian. They currently work at Wholefoods, the wonderful vegetarian/vegan restaurant and student space where all your lovingly made meals will be served from. They plan to keep you well-fed and happy at this year’s Queer Collaborations and if you have any concerns or questions regarding food, please feel free to send an email to