Hey people.

It’s less that two weeks now. That scary countdown over there just keeps on ticking and we have lots of things to do and so little time! (¬.¬ I’m glaring at you, countdown timer!)

But we are proud to present the conference timetable!!!

If you’re sneaky and tech savvy, you may have noticed it going up in the little box on the side (or at the bottom on a mobile device) over the last few days, growing and growing, with more events being added in. Well, now it’s all up and ready.

There are 3 ways you can access the digital calendar:

  1. Click the “Open” link under the calendar to check out the HTML version in your web browser.
  2. Click the “Subscribe” link under the calendar to subscribe to the calendar in your default calendar application.
  3. Click the “+ Google Calendar” link under the calendar to add the calendar to your Google Calendar account.

How excellent is that? The calendars are live and will update if any changes occur.

But don’t fret you analogue lovers out there! There will be a plain text version of the timetable available soon and a printer version in everyone’s Reader available on day 1 of the conference.

Sorted? You betcha.

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