The Food and Catering for Queer Collaborations, 2014 is being prepared and served by QC Organisers (Cam and Julian, Food and Catering Coordinators) as well as core group of invaluable volunteers at Wholefoods Restaurant at Monash University. Wholefoods is located on the 1st level of the Campus Centre and has a long history of promoting healthy and affordable food for students and staff as well as being the nucleus of political and activist student organising at Monash since the late 1970s. Wholefoods is unique space: a not-for-profit, student run & owned restaurant where people can hang out for free in a Safer Space. In this day and age of cuts and profit margins we think that’s pretty cool.

Great efforts have been made to cater to the diversity of cultural, medical, dietary and religious preferences/necessities for food. But due to the fact we are running on a limited budget and entirely on volunteer labour we may not be able to make everyone happy at all times. Given that Wholefoods is a meat-free space, the majority of menu options willl be vegetarian/vegan. We do not wish to discriminate against meat eaters of course, our menu simply reflects the practicalities of catering for a conference of this size and diversity. There will be meat options on a number of days as well, though not, of course, in the Wholefoods space. There are also many places to purchase food on campus including, our Student Association owned Sir John’s Bar!

Catering and food preparation for this QC is entirely volunteer based and some of the volunteers are not queer identified and not part of the conference – sharing of meals however is ally-inclusive. We will brief all Conference Volunteers on the Safer Spaces Agreement and in addition to this, Wholefoods has its own Safer Space Policy in place.

We are also very happy to be working with Monash Permaculture whom have generously donated some of their organic, local, and sustainable produce for the conference!

We have done our best to satisfy a wide range of delegates with healthy, well-rounded food that caters to dietary requirements and allergies, although this is not always possible. Information on the ingredients in the food will be provided daily and information on what is vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free is included in your reader. We would like to extend enormous amount of gratitude to our volunteers for all their help, as well as the Wholefoods Collective for allowing us to occupy the space for the week. We hope you enjoy the food!