Monash Permaculture brings together students, staff and members of the Monash community with an interest in permaculture, sustainability and gardening.


To promote permaculture, sustainability and community-supported agriculture within the Monash University community, in order to build resilience and adaptation to climate change.

General information

Monash Permaculture runs workshops, lectures, working bees, day trips and other activities designed to promote and educate about permaculture, sustainability and gardening.Our projects include the Monash Permaculture Garden (MPG) and the Monash University Community Farm (MUCF). To get involved with either of these projects, join the respective Facebook groups:

Monash Permaculture Garden (MPG)

Monash Uni Community Farm (MUCF)

Get in touch with us at:


F: /monashpermaculture

T: @MonashPerma

I: @monashpermaculture