Hey People,

Loads of new information has just been uploaded to the website in time for the conference, sit tight as it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

We’ve got information About Melbourne, our Transport options and the Hostel our delegates will be staying at.

You can read up on our Proposed Standing Orders (or brush up with our Meeting Procedure 101 to bring you up to speed) before conference starts as well as the Safer Spaces Agreement and Participant Agreement which delegates will abide by at the conference. We also have a Grievance Policy to complete our set of conference rules.

More detailed timetable information is now available too, covering the Autonomous Workshops, our Panel of guest speakers, both Autonomous Caucus and State Caucus information and what to do if you want to run Impromptu Sessions.

You’re probably all hungry after all that information, so it’s a good thing we’ve uploaded the Food section which includes the week’s Menu and information on the awesome Monash Permaculture program that is in place at our University.

Oh, while you’re salivating over that delicious sounding food, I’ll leave you with our dessert course… Six jam-packed nights of Social Events! Burlesque, games, Querelle. Such party. Much wow…