Adapted from NOWSA 2014 and Queer Collaborations 2013 participant agreement.

As a participant of Queer Collaborations 2014, I agree:

  1. To uphold and respect the safer spaces and grievance policy.
  2. Respect all opinions as everyone comes from different experiences unless it violates the safer spaces and grievance policy agreements.
  3. To listen to everyone’s opinions and experiences without interrupting or arguing afterwards, unless said opinion violates safer space or grievance policy.
  4. To recognise that my opinion and experiences may contrast other people’s opinions and experiences and that discussion of this is to be subject to safer space and grievance policy agreements.
  5. To respect the physical and emotional boundaries of all delegates and workshop facilitators.
  6. To endeavour to not speak over others and help create an inclusive environment which allows for everyone to have their say and not be silence.
  7. To take personal responsibility for your own actions and any harm that they may cause regardless of intent.
  8. To not generalise your experience to that of various groups of people, and to not generalise opinions to that of various groups.
  9. To respect the autonomy of identity groups, therefore the importance of autonomous spaces and discussions. If you do not identify with the group don’t encroach on these spaces through attending or joining the discussions. The responsibility falls to the group to decide who is welcome.
  10. To adhere to standing orders throughout conference floor and caucuses.
  11. To not touch or encroach on personal boundaries without explicit verbal consent.
  12. To look out for all people at all times and not do anything that could, purposefully or not, endanger someone.
  13. To make sure that anything that compromises your physical, mental or emotional health is reported to the grievance committee and that you take care of yourself and others around you at this conference.
  14. To recognise privacy of individuals and not to compromise any privacy of individuals or groups by discussing personal or sensitive matters with other individuals.
  15. To always use trigger warnings when necessary including when sharing personal experiences or opinions and to be aware of trigger warnings for workshops you wish to attend through the reader or from the workshop facilitator.
  16. To adhere to speaking lists and speaking times to make sure you do not monopolise discussions, to not respond with aggression or negativity if asked to cease speaking if these boundaries are breached or you violate either the safer spaces or grievance policy agreements.
  17. To understand and respect the duty of the Queer Collaborations Organising Committee to ensure a safer space to the best of their ability including in extreme cases banning individuals from the conference if they are deemed to not adhere to the Participant Agreement, Safer Spaces Policy or engage in hate speech.