From The Airport

Unfortunately Melbourne’s airport is located pretty far out from the CBD. Whilst this is definitely annoying never fear! Hopefully this information will help you out in making an informed decision about transport options to and from our hostel, Discovery Melbourne!


A taxi is definitely the easiest way to and from the accommodation and airport. If you are travelling with 3 or more delegates getting a standard or maxi taxi is the best option and works out often cheaper than other methods. The journey will cost you around $50-70 all together but once you split it is the cheapest option. We recommend this option if it is a possibility for you due to it being so straightforward and quick.


Skybus tickets are $18 one way and $30 return and bookings are not required. It departs every 15 minutes 24/7 and will take you to Southern Cross Station. From Southern Cross Station you can walk to Discovery Melbourne which will take roughly 20 minutes. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Southern Cross Station to Discovery Melbourne which will cost around $10.


Our hostel, Discovery Melbourne offers refunds on this service for guests staying 3 or more nights (bingo that’s us!) This option is best for the well organised as it must be booked at least the day before hand by calling (03) 8378 8700. You will have to pay $13 per person out of pocket but will be refunded upon check-in if you present your receipt (no receipt, no refund so keep it in your mitts!) This is a good option for small to medium sized contingents or groups of people not super large groups unless you feel like waiting as the bus isn’t that massive. The Starbus operates from 6am-6pm every day and departs from Bus Zone L (out front of the international terminal) every 30 minutes. This service will drop you off at Discovery Melbourne. We cannot make any guarantees about the availability of this service so it will be up to you guys to sort out unfortunately.


While travelling around Melbourne you will need a myki, those provided to full registration delegates are Full Fare, Zone 1, weekly mykis and so will cover your necessary travel costs while you are in Melbourne for the conference, without you needing to pay any extra. However if you are staying in Melbourne longer, or decide to venture out into Zone 2, you will have to put extra money onto the supplied myki. With myki you need to make sure that you touch on and touch off at train stations, and when getting on and off buses and trams.

Important tips:

  • Touch your myki to the centre of the reader until you hear a beep and see a green light to indicate a successful touch on or touch off.
  • Do not swipe or wave your myki as this may prevent a successful touch on or touch off.
  • Read the on-screen message for additional information.
  • The on-screen message remains in place for as long as you hold your myki to the reader.

There are also a few handy Public Transport Apps you can download free on a smart phone:

  • tramTRACKER – Trams: up to date
  • metroNotify – up to date info on interruptions to trains
  • SilverTop – Taxis
  • 13CABS – Taxis
  • PTV / PTV Original – Timetable and journey planner for busses, trains and trams

Accessible Trams:

The majority of services on routes 96 and 109 are low floor trams.Routes 5, 6, 8, 48, 16 and 72 are partly serviced by low floor trams.

For more information visit:

Public Transport Websites:

Transport Information

RMIT University will be hosting the initial registration day and the final conference floor day of Queer Collaborations 2014. Their campus is located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, within walking distance of Discovery Melbourne and the Melbourne Central train station.

To get to the Conference at Monash each day you will need to catch a train running on either the Pakenham or Cranbourne line from Melbourne Central Station and get off at Huntingdale Station. Then at Huntingdale you will need to catch the 601 bus which runs between Huntingdale and Monash Clayton Campus every 12 minutes during the conference.