Additional Workshops


Non-binary Autonomous Workshop

9 30-10 30 H7


PoC Autonomous Workshop

10 – 10 30 and then 11 -12 R1


Staying Safe Online

11-12 S111


Skill Sharing and Networking for Campus Queer Reps

11-12 E457


Queer Edge Discussion

12-1 S109


Gendered Language Discussion for Trans People and Allies

12-1 W215



Ethics in Schools: Alternatives to Faith-based Education

9 30-10 30 S108


Ableism and Disabilities 101

11-12 E457


Combined NSW and ACT State Caucus

11-1 H7


Postgrad Meet and Greet

3 30-4 30 S107


Natural Makeup for Beginners

3 30-4 30 H7


Drag 101

4 30 – 5 30 H7


Queer Pagan Discussion

5 30 – 6 30 S109


Room Changes


Error 404: approaching cisfeminist theory from outside gender experiences

Now in H7


Poly/non-monoamorous Autonomous Workshop

Now in E457


Don’t forget the about the acknowledgement of country at the beginning of every session!

If you still want to run an impromptu workshop or would like more caucus/autonomous workshop time the phone number is on your pass or send an email to
Or just come and find Greta, who you may remember as the one in the red coat who falls over a lot. There are not many slots left, so get in quick!