Queer Collaborations is an annual not-for-profit national conference that provides week long education and training in queer-related issues. The conference is primarily student focused and run and consists of workshops, discussions and networking opportunities which bring together queers who want to discover themselves, create change and connect with others.

The conference provides delegates with contemporary political and social information relevant to the ongoing struggle for acceptance. It usually features a large range of workshops on topics surrounding the law, self-care, gender, sexuality, identity, community, society, critical theory, academia, and activism.

Queer Collaborations 2014 will be held at Monash University in Victoria from July 6 – 12. The theme for QC2014 is «Beyond the Rainbow». The idea behind the theme is to discuss issues and identities that are often overlooked in cursory discussions of queerness and draw attention to aspects and categories of queerness that frequently go neglected in mainstream discourse.